Solving Australia’s Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Policy Institute’s Mission is to take two compatible problems and use them to solve each other, so that everyone gains.  Australia has a refugee crisis; our government has no solution on where to send them.  Australia has a rural economic crisis; due to lack of available workers, our towns are dying.

We believe these problems can solve each other. 

Because real Australians say welcome.

Our Solution

Refugees are a highly politicised issue, but we believe there’s a clean solution.  Australian’s almost universally recognise that refugees deserve to be settled somewhere – the problem is that no nation wants to shoulder a burden.  However, there are some communities in which refugees are not a burden but a boon – refugees may be their only chance to survive.

Regional towns are dying due to their labour crisis.  There are jobs, but not enough workers.  Refugee settlement in regional towns is a proven, trialled, evidence backed solution that can end our refugee debate, while infusing millions of dollars into regional towns.  This policy gives us a place to settle refugees, where they’re wanted, and needed, while simultaneously preventing deaths at sea, helping our economy, and saving our regional towns.

So let’s get started.



We are dedicated to solving the refugee crisis while using it to make Australia prosper.  If you care about this like we do, get involved.



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Our Policy

Settling refugees as new migrants can solve the rural labour crisis.  But how are we putting this into action?  View our full policy plan for an improved resettlement plan.

Our Evidence

Policy should never be passed without firm evidence.  Read the case studies for towns where this has been tried –  where it has generated over $40 Million of value.

Our People

Data is useful, but stories on the ground offer a personal touch.  Hear from members of communities that have trialled this program, now they’re 5 years down the track.

About Us


Our goals are straightforward.  We want to end Australia’s refugee crisis, and make sure Australia’s rural towns can survive and thrive.  In doing so, we are working to develop a model which other countries can learn from and use.   Australia can be a world leader in its solution to refugee politics, and advance our own country at the same time.

We believe all policy should be backed in firm evidence, and we exclusively support policies that have been field tested.  Our recommended methods have had huge success everywhere they have been tried.



We aim to make it easy for citizens to learn about refugee issues, and easy for governments to develop better, more ethical and more effective policy.

We are expanding fast, and are always looking for new volunteers to spread the movement. If you’d like to help make change, contact us below.


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