About Us

The Refugee Policy Institute identifies outstanding opportunities where humanitarian action coincides with national interest.  We identify ways for governments to address the refugee crisis, and improve conditions for asylum seekers, in a way which benefits Australian communities.

Our mission is to change policy and solve Australia’s refugee crisis.  We believe that for regional labour shortages, refugee settlement is the best, clearest, and most comprehensive solution.  We are entirely focused on evidence based policy, and only offer recommendations that are backed by trials and data.

The Refugee Policy Institute is volunteer run, and was founded in 2017.

Our Values

Win-Win Strategies

We believe that strategies are more likely to succeed if they benefit both user and recipient.  It’s crucially important to us that all of our recommendations help Australia prosper.

Rigorous Evidence

We believe all policy should be backed in firm evidence.  Too often, politicians build ineffective policies without a firm base.
We want to fix that.

Give Everyone a Fair Go

We believe our regional towns haven’t had that for a long, long time.  Whether it’s farmers or refugees, it’s long past time they started getting a fair go.